Name-Dropper Selling Points

  • The Original Self-Inking Clothing Stamp Remains the Industry Best with The First & Only PLACE-HOLDER TOOL
  • Why Settle for Less Than The Most Effective Results? Get Quick, Easy, Long-Lasting Imprints with the NAME-DROPPER & PLACE-HOLDER TOOL Combo
  • The PLACE-HOLDER TOOL is the Only Way to Layer Ink Deep into Fabric without Smudging or Over-Inking—and the Results Last for Months
  • The PLACE-HOLDER TOOL Maintains Alignment while You Lift the NAME-DROPPER, Check Progress & Replace to Keep Stamping
  • Doesn’t Blur & Bleed like Markers or Itch & Annoy like LabelsPerfect for Parents, Camps, K-12, Military Schools, Nursing Care & much more

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