Helpful Tips

Before you Start Stamping:

  1. Practice First: Take an old piece of material and try the stamp before marking your clothes. Get the feel of it and see how much ink is delivered with each downward depression. Good way to avoid ink bleeding through the material.
  2. Be sure the fabric being stamp is smooth and lying flat no buckles, seams or belt loops pushing up from the back.


The stamps are not interchangeable. Switching cartridges from black to white or vice versa results in a light gray imprint that is unsatisfactory and will not hold up to laundering.

Black ink on Brighter / Lighter (yellow, white, green, red, etc.) color clothes

White Ink on Darker (navy, black, dark green, etc) color clothes

PLACE-HOLDER Insert the NAME-DROPPER Stamp into the PLACE-HOLDER for Layered deep    

dark Imprint/impression

When stamping socks, insert a ruler or similar flat object into the sock so you are stamping against only one thickness of the sock… Not the two sides together lying on top of each other.

The PLACE-HOLDER tool is especially helpful when stamping sweatshirts and other thick   materials… and is a must when stamping dark clothes with white ink.

Great for all other imprints as well, as it lets you lift the stamp and view the imprint and then replace it exactly where it was positioned before and stamp again if desired.

Stamp Care:  The ink will dry out if left in the stamp uncovered.

  1. We recommend you remove the ink cartridge that holds the pad and replace the plastic snap on cover after each use. Store the stamp and cartridges in the zip bag the stamp arrived in.
  2. If the pad does need more ink… don’t overdo it. Whether black or white ink… just a few drops in the center of the pad should do it.
  3. If you decide to keep the pad/cartridge in the stamp... be sure to partially depress the stamp which lifts the name imprint off the ink pad, and slide the tab button on the stamp to lock it in that position.

Iron-one tape: Once you have stamped your name on the blank white tape using the LABEL-MAKER (cut rounded corners if using continuous iron-on tape) cover with parchment paper (included in kit) to protect material and iron on to clothing once holding the iron in place for approximately  30 seconds. For best results, wait 1 minute to cool then replace the paper and iron a second time.