Name-Dropper Marketing Program

Welcome to the “NAME-DROPPER” Marketing Program


Camps and Schools

We have been in business for over 30 years and work closely with many American Camping Association Camps through the US and Canada.

About The “NAME-DROPPER”™ Clothing Stamp for Camp.

The “NAME-DROPPER” self-inking permanent clothing stamp is the Quick and Easy way to mark and label all your clothes for camp, sports camp and back to school. It is the Best identification stamp on the market today when used with our EXCLUSIVE “PLACE-HOLDER” Tool (patent pending).

  • OurPLACE-HOLDER” Tool keeps the “NAME-DROPPER” aligned on the clothing so you can lift the stamp away from the material …visually inspect the imprint..….then replace the stamp in the exact same spot for additional stampings, as desired.
  • The layered imprints are DEEP and BOLD and will last through many washings.
  • We have a strong following of Parents who love the “NAME-DROPPER” Stamp and Recommend it to their friends. They also return to our site year after year for additional stamps and ink supplies.
  • As much as parents like the stamp….you’ll be happy as well, to see your “Lost & Found” greatly reduced.
  • As for Customer Service? We have always honored our one year “No-Questions-Asked” money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Here’s How The Program works

  • Offer The NAME-DROPPER Stamp to your camp families by email, direct mail or through a link to our website from yours. We in return will list your camp website on ours.
  • Your camp can earn a $2.50 rebate on every NAME-DROPPER Stamp sold to your campers.

Or, if you prefer…..

  • We will assign a dedicated promo code to your camp and give parents a 10% discount on every “NAME-DROPPER” Stamp they purchase.

If you are interested in enrolling in the “NAME-DROPPER” Marketing Program please:

  1. Email us at: ….. or
  2. Call us at: 1-203-254-3556 and ask for Diana, Manager Customer Service

Either way, just let us know who to contact at your camp and we will get back to you. We look forward to working with you.

Gerry Pearce