Copy of Name-Dropper Selling Points

Introducing for 2018 the New & Improved “NAME-DROPPER” Permanent Ink CLOTHING Stamper
ONE Stamp Marks BOTH light & Dark Clothes

Use NAME-DROPPER to stamp name directly on most clothes. Stamp iron-on Tape for Dark clothes

Featuring a double layer of rubber for an imprint that is twice the depth of other stamps on the market. Produces deeper darker imprints that last much longer.

Marking Kit Includes:

ü 1 New & Improved NAME-DROPPER Permanent Ink Stamper with double depth imprint.
ü 1 Acrylic PLACE-HOLDER / LABEL MAKER Tool: Designed to keep your stamp in place when stamping clothes.
ü AND also provides a guide to stamp iron-on Ultra-soft tape for very dark clothes.
ü 1 fully inked black cartridge pad.