NAME-DROPPER™ with Placeholder Tool

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  • The “NAME-DROPPER™” self-inking PERMANENT clothing stamp is the Quick and Easy way to stamp or label all your clothes for camp, sports camp and back to school.
  • Our exclusive "Double-Depth" rubber imprint goes deeper into the material and prints a BOLD NAME that will last a year's worth of washings.
  • The "PLACE-HOLDER" Template keeps the "NAME-DROPPER™" stamp aligned on the clothing so you can lift the stamp, visually inspect the imprint, then replace the stamp in the exact same spot on the clothing for more layered darker stampings, as needed. No competitor has this and it will mark almost all of your clothes.


  • 1 New & Improved NAME-DROPPER™ Permanent Ink Stamper with our Exclusive "Double Depth rubber imprint.
  • 1 Exclusive Acrylic PLACE-HOLDER Template tool.
  • Place-Holder is designed to keep your stamp in place when stamping clothes making repeated layered stampings a cinch.
  • 1 Pre-Inked black cartridge pad.

*For very dark clothes, we recommend our iron-on tape. Using the same stamper, the "LABEL-MAKER TOOL Kit" has slots that act as guides to feed our "Ultra-Soft" white tape through to be stamped with your name and then ironed on the clothing. See LABEL MAKER TOOL Kit

  • Avoid the Camp’s “Lost & Found”!
  • Just one article of clothing saved more than pays for the stamp.
  • For over 30 years we honor our one-year “No-Questions-Asked” money back guarantee if not satisfied.